The EmERGE team have facilitated a local co-design process and have adapted the EmERGE platform to support the PrEP monitoring. Currently individuals using Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for the prevention of HIV transmission need to attend clinic every three months for a check-up. PrEP app facilitates a digital health pathway for PrEP: ensuring that users’ have access to their results  and other information whilst allowing clinics to manage capacity. The application continues to build on the established features of the EmERGE app – incorporating reminders, medication information and links to local support: all integrated with the clinic database.

  • The PrEP platform
  • My Results
User Dashboard

Quick access to important data, such as next appointment details, most recent prescription details and number of tablets remaining

Easy Navigation

Quicky navigate to other sections, including all previous test results, past and future appointments and a detailed My PrEP section to help you keep track of remaining tablets

Test Results

Quick and easy access to the most recent set of test results

2-way messaging service

A powerful 2-way communication tool allows messages to be sent between the user and the clinic

Most recent test result

Results from most recent tests can be accessed directly from this page

Vaccination status

Details of relevant vaccinations can be displayed here, and customised via the clinical web application. Vaccination dates can be accessed from here

Historic results

A full history of all results will be available, with details on individual tests and dates

Download the PrEP EmERGE App

Enabling health service providers to supply a secure, digital health pathway for patients.