Used in combination with a clinic-based system for communicating with app users and reviewing results, the Core EmERGE app enables health service providers to implement a secure, digital health pathway.  The pathway enables services to be delivered flexibly, either face-to-face or remotely, in response to need.  Clinics save time and optimise capacity whilst ensuring patient care quality and safety at a distance.

Registration via a participating clinic will be required for functionality.

  • The Core platform
  • 2-Way messaging
Secure login

Access to the application is protected behind a secure login with access via password, fingerprint or Face ID recognition.


View the latest and past appointments, set in-app reminders and also add the appointments directly to your personal calendar app.

User Dashboard

Quick access to important data, such as the latest test results, the next appointment and its location. Also the medication the user is on and its prescription.

Medication data

View the name of medication, the frequency of administration and be able to set in-app reminders on when you take the medication.

Quick and efficient clarification

Easily communicate information that can help aid clinical judgement


Hyperlinks can be embedded within the messages to direct you to straight surveys or other links

Two-way communication

Messages can be sent from the user to clinic site, or from clinic site to user. Historic messages can be easily accessed

Download the EmERGE Platform App

Enabling health service providers to supply a secure, digital health pathway for patients.

Registration via a participating clinic will be required for functionality.