At EmERGE mHealth Ltd we support equal access rights to health services and data for all, working as a not-for-profit company to provide secure, high quality, clinically evaluated services to clinics, hospitals and communities.

EmERGE Platform

By working in combination with a clinic-based system, the Core EmERGE app enables health service providers to implement a secure, digital health pathway that allows users to communicate with their clinic as well as review their blood and swab results. Using this pathway, services can be delivered flexibly, either face-to-face or remotely as needed, ultimately saving clinics’ time and optimising capacity, all whilst ensuring patient care, quality and safety.

Secure login

Passcode, fingerprint & face ID

Personalised data

Numeric and graphic result data

Medication data

Info, frequency, reminders


Set reminders & add to calendar


The PrEP EmERGE app has been developed following a co-design process with communities and clinicians. The existing EmERGE platform has been adapted in order to support PrEP users, allowing them to virtually access their care via the clinic as part of the digital health pathway.

Secure login

Passcode, fingerprint & face ID

Personalised data

Results, vaccination information

PrEP medication

Info, reminders, calendar


Set reminders & add to calendar

EmERGE Project


The EmERGE project was initiated by Professor Martin Fisher and follows his vision that health innovations should be clinically led and co-owned with patient communities, core values that have been carried through to our not-for-profit company.

The EmERGE project brought together world class HIV and sexual health clinicians, leading digital innovators and the European-wide patient advocacy network – the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG). This group worked in collaboration to co-design our technology platform that offers a range of digital health services.

2-Way Messaging

We are pleased to announce the introduction of two-way messaging to our CORE and PrEP mobile health apps. With this latest addition, staying connected with your healthcare provider has never been easier.

Our innovative two-way messaging feature empowers our app users to effortlessly interact with their healthcare team, seeking guidance, clarifying doubts, or discussing any concerns they may have. Real-time communication ensures that vital information can be shared promptly, fostering a stronger patient-provider relationship and promoting a proactive approach to sexual health.

Privacy and security are paramount to us. Rest assured that all conversations within our mobile health app are entirely encrypted which means all your personal information is safeguarded and kept confidential.

Our Partnerships

EmERGE Project​

Funded by the H2020 framework, The EmERGE project aims to demonstrate the benefits to patients and possible cost effectiveness for health-care providers and purchasers by reducing face-to-face consultations based on prior work showing a high uptake rate and use of mHealth in HIV patient populations.

EmERGE mHealth Ltd is the vehicle that transforms the H2020 funded EmERGE project from a research project to a commercial reality.​

European AIDS Treatment Group

The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) is a patient-led advocacy NGO that defends the treatment-related interests of people living with or affected by HIV/ AIDS and related co-infections within Europe. Founded in 1992, the EATG is a network of more than 180 nationally-based members from 47 countries in Europe. Its members are people living with HIV and representatives of different communities affected by HIV/AIDS and co-infections.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid​

The Technical University of Madrid or Universidad Politėcnica de Madrid was founded in 1971 as the result of merging different Technical Schools of Engineering and Architecture, originating mainly in the 18th century. Over 35,000 students attend classes during the year.